New Customer Onboarding
For Financial Institutions

Households don't use many of the banking products they open and traditional methods to increase account activation rates are ineffective and inefficient. Digital Onboarding solves this problem for financial institutions.

A platform built for efficiency



When someone opens a new financial services account he or she doesn’t always use it. Digital Onboarding drives bank profits by increasing new customer activation rates.



Stop stuffing envelopes and making thousands of calls each month.  Digital Onboarding saves time and money by texting a link to your new customer “Welcome Kit” rather than using mail.



Do the brochures you send to new customers work?  Hard to tell.  That’s not the case with Digital Onboarding as every client action is tracked to prove the return on your investment.

Work Smart. Not Hard.

Digital Onboarding provides a fully automated customer onboarding solution for banks and credit unions that is more efficient and effective than traditional phone calls, emails, direct mail, and print brochures.